General Questions

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General Questions

What are Managed Futures?
The term managed futures describes an industry comprised of professional money managers known as commodity trading advisors (CTAs). These trading advisors manage client assets on a discretionary basis using global futures markets as an investment medium. Trading advisors take positions based on expected profit potential. View Managed Futures: Portfolio Diversification Opportunities [PDF] by the CME Group

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?
You can have your password e-mailed to by clicking here.

What is different about the new
The new approaches alternative investments from a technical perspective.  Our goal is to provide investors with the proper tools to make fact based investment decisions. The new represents the foundation for a new and revolutionary approach to meeting and helping investors.

What are Programs?
Programs are goods or services sold by business-oriented Entities. For Commodity Trading Advisors, their Programs may be a Managed Account. For Commodity Pool Operators, a Program may be a Commodity Pool. Organizing Programs under a Profile enables users to clearly identify investment programs with their respective investment managers.

Why do some programs have no values, or "N/A", for Compounded Annual Rate of Return (CAROR)?
For regulatory reasons, we cannot display CAROR, Average Win or Average ROR values for programs with less than 24 months of performance data. If N/A is shown for CAROR, the CTA has their own method of calculating CAROR so we omit showing it for comparison purposes.

For CTAs

Why do I not see my CTA Profile or Programs listed?
Presently, is filtering out any Programs from the Performance Page that have not updated their performance for the prior two months. Your CTA Profile or Program is not deleted. As soon as you update your performance, your program will reappear on this page. Please login and click "Add Data" to update performance.

I can login, but I do not see my company or programs. How do I administer these?
On the old, you may have created multiple user accounts-one of which has the rights to administer your company (Profile) and investment programs (Programs). You may be logging in with an account that does not have these rights. To request your new account be added as an administrator, please send a request to with your username (e-mail address), the URL of the CTA Profile, and contact information so we can verify your identity.

Where do I add performance data?
When you login, you should navigate to the program you wish to update and click Edit performance data. If you do not see this, you may not have administrator privileges for this Group. Please see the question above for more information.

You can add your performance manually, one month at a time by selecting the year from the dropdown menu and entering your performance and AUM, or, you can upload a comma-separated CSV file with your performance information (sample CSV file). The columns don't have to be in a particular order, but they must use these titles:

  • Returns All values should be entered as a numeric figure,i.e. 2.58. A percent sign is not necessary.
  • Date (or 2 columns, one for Month and another for Year) These must use numbers, i.e. 1 for January, 2 for February, etc.
  • Assets

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