Managed Futures Education

  • Peering Over the Fiscal Cliff

    by Tyler Resch, Portfolio Manager, IASG Posted October 18th, 2012 As we go into the final few months of the year we are more and more concerned with how we position ourselves going into 2013. ... Read More

  • Choosing a CTA ...

    ... or maybe more than one. If you’ve decided to include Managed Futures in your investment portfolio, the next step is choosing the right mix of Commodity Trading Advisors to help achieve y... Read More

  • Overlaying Strategies in Managed Futures: Does it Help an Investor?

    Discussing this topic of overlaying strategies really gets to the heart of one question that keeps reappearing, “why are CTAs non-correlated to equities?” This is a very simple question to ask and is ... Read More

  • Top 5 List - Why Managed Futures?

    Futures may be used to manage the risk of volatile investments and to capitalize on speculative opportunities associated with that volatility. But the fast-paced and increasingly sophisticated nature ... Read More

  • Lintner Revisited: The Benefits of Managed Futures 25 Years Later

    Dr. John Lintner, a Harvard Professor, presented the seminal paper entitled “The Potential Role of Managed Commodity – Financial Futures Accounts (and/or Funds) in Portfolios of Stocks and Bonds” at t... Read More

  • Scrooge: The Real Story

    With apologies to Dickens, we believe we now know the answer.... Read More

  • The Danger of Complacency

    By Greg Taunt, Portfolio Manager, IASG Posted November 3, 2013 The stock market just hit an all time high and real estate values continue rising rapidly. Investors could not be happier. The ... Read More

  • All Eyes on the Fed

    By Tyler Resch, Portfolio Manager Posted June 21, 2013 Hello Investors, The world reacted very negatively on Thursday to the idea of a post-quantative easing economy. The oddest thing abou... Read More

  • Reality Check

    By Bryen Deutsch, Portfolio Manager, IASG Posted May 21, 2013 Farmers will tell you that “rain makes grain”. That often holds true, unless the rain is accompanied with winter like tempe... Read More

  • Observations On the Death of Trend Following

    “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain This paper addresses issues contributing to the underperformance of trend following programs during the investment environmen... Read More