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What is One Thing Profitable CTA’s Focus On That Average Traders Don’t?

I think this article on trading and the markets will be slightly different than anything you have read on the subject, in that the main focus is on “Losing”.  So, why an article on losing? First, my belief is that people learn the most from their mistakes or through adversity, if they are willing to […]

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Every CTA Needs an Edge…

When a CTA or Money Manager is testing or back-testing their entry signals one of the most important aspects they look at is if the technique’s they are using has a distinct “edge”, for the time-frame they are trading (short-term, swing, long-term, etc). Positive price movement is when the market goes in the direction of […]

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The Danger of Complacency

The stock market just hit an all time high and real estate values continue rising rapidly. Investors could not be happier. The day I refer to, of course, is October 9, 2007 when the S&P closed at its new record of 1565.15. What followed was a bull run in commodities culminating on July 11, 2008 when oil hit its high of $147.27 on dollar weakness and insatiable raw material demand from China. By January of 2009, oil dropped to almost $30 a barrel, the dollar was much stronger as seemingly everyone flocked to its perceived safety, and the worldwide economy would begin digging out slowly from the depths of the credit crisis. The S&P would drop below 700 points.

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