Last night was the 3rd annual Managed Futures Pinnacle Awards hosted by CME Group and Barclay Hedge.  The event was supported by many of the industry brokerage firms and service providers that help comprise the Managed Futures space.  The event was exceptional in our opinion as we were able to rub shoulders with industry peers and some of the brightest minds in our industry.  We are happy to report that several of the award winners and nominees are managers we have introduced to IASG clients some of which include Esulep, Global Sigma, Four Seasons Commodities, Kottke Commodities, and Tlaloc Capital.  Interestingly, we are one of the first allocators to many of the winners as our database keeps us in a great position to identify new talent for our client portfolios.   Another benefit of attending this event allows us to uncover other great managers that we will try and learn more about for our clients and onboard into our database.

The winners were as follows:


2013 Best Diversified (>$500M): Boronia Capital

2013 Best Diversified (<$500M): Systematic Alpha Management, LLC

5-Year Best Diversified (>$500M): GMO

5-Year Best Diversified (<$500M): Newton Capital Partners


2013 Best Single Sector:  Tlaloc Capital

5-Year Best Single Sector:  Kottke – Commodity Capital


2013 Best Multi-Advisor Futures Fund:  Dunn Capital Management, LLC

5-Year Best Multi-Advisor Futures Fund:  AC Investment Management, LLC


2013 Best Options Strategy:  Global Sigma Group

5-Year Best Options Strategy: Doherty Advisors

3-YEAR BEST SYSTEMATIC:  QuantMetrics Capital Management LLP

3-YEAR BEST DISCRETIONARY:  Newton Capital Partners


2013 BEST EMERGING:  Whitehaven

Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner: Winton Capital Management

Nominated but not winning:

Goldman Management Inc. – 2013 Best Emerging CTA

Kottke Commodity Capital – 2013 Best Single Sector CTA

Four Seasons – 2013 Best Single Sector CTA

Four Seasons – 5 Year Best Single Sector CTA

Protec Energy Partners – 3 Year Best Discretionary CTA

Tlaloc Capital – 2013 Best Emerging CTA

David Harding, CEO and Chairman of Winton Capital Management, won the Pinnacle Achievement Award. Harding started two of the world’s leading alternative investment companies, Winton and AHL. He has made an enormous impact on the development and maturation of the managed futures industry, as well as the financial services industry as a whole.  To round out the evening comedian Frank Caliendo emceed and was a hit with his spot on celebrity impersonations.  Overall it was a wonderful evening highlighted by the thoughtful insights of Mr. Harding.