IASG Investment Watchlist

Create your own custom list of programs to watch and sign up for performance updates and alerts from your favorite alternative managers.

An investor watchlist like this enables you to perform due diligence before you put capital at risk, just as you would create a stock watchlist or a stock options watchlist to track stocks in which you are interested.

Track Your Top Managers

Add Programs with One Click

Explore over 800 CTAs, managed forex managers, and other alternative investment programs. All it takes is a click to add the programs you’d like to keep track of to your custom investment watchlist.

Easy Access to Program Details

Click any program on your list to review it in detail. Find performance snapshots and charts, strategy descriptions, fund documents, and more.

Why This Benefits You

The purpose of any financial watchlist is to help you organize and analyze information. If investment diversification is your goal, a trading watchlist compiled from our CTA database can help you understand what opportunities exist. To learn more about our range of tools or the expert guidance we can provide, contact us today.