Services for CTAs

Grow Your Business With Us

You’re busy honing and perfecting your trades and strategies; you don’t have a lot of time for client acquisition or back office management. IASG can help. List your programs FREE on and you’ll be introducing yourself to thousands of potential new customers and partnering with an introducing broker with over 150 million in managed assets.

Let Clients find You

Our website receives over 14,000 visitors a month. Your programs will be listed by performance, minimum investment, and sector, making them easy for potential clients to find. Clients can sign up to be alerted each time you update your performance data, keeping them in-touch with your trading success, and building their confidence in you as a partner.

We Screen All Leads

When a visitor to expresses interest in your program, an IASG advisor personally calls them. The advisor will confirm that the lead meets your program’s minimum requirements, and that their financial goals are a good fit for your strategies.

See the Numbers

See how many visitors are viewing your listings each month, and how many have added you to their watchlists and alerts.

Business Management Expertise

Our professionals have helped hundreds of busy CTAs like you get started. We’ll help you set minimums, select the right clients for your programs, and help you find them. Once you’re off and running we’re with you every step of the way with:

  • Continuous client management
  • Back office
  • Trade Execution
  • Sales and Cap Intro
  • Free monthly cut sheets
  • Referrals to accounting, legal, and compliance resources.

Easy and Free

IASG’s database is 100% open to CTAs and Managed Forex Managers, and getting listed is free. After you open your account, uploading your performance data from Excel is a snap.