For the past several months, IASG has been in the process of updating the aesthetics of our site. To do this properly, we conducted an IASG user questionnaire to get a better sense of what users liked, disliked, and wanted to see more of…For the most part, feedback was incredibly good. Users loved the functionality of the site, but we believe some of the tools and features were hard to find and did not get quite as much use as we expect. Starting in October, IASG will be launching a new website. The trusted tools and manager performance will stay completely intact. We will add a mobile friendly version for your hand held devices to look at CTAs while away from your desktop.

Another point of emphasis will be on IASG’s advisory capabilities. We no longer want to be known only as the database of Commodity Trading Advisors. Our core competency has and will remain helping users find the right blend of managers for your investment portfolio. Stay tuned in a few weeks as the new site will be coming to you soon!

We always encourage feedback and look for ways to improve the user experience…so feel free to drop us a line at