IASGA_logoIASG Alternatives LLC is an independent and highly specialized financial services group that provides access to a premier platform of managed futures investments designed to meet the needs of sophisticated investors.

Institutional Advisory Services Group (www.IASG.com), long known for their comprehensive managed futures database and introducing brokerage business, launched IASG Alternatives LL, a new broker dealer designed to serve qualified customers in an expanded role.  Founded in 1992 by Perry Jonkheer, IASG provides a new service to investors looking to identify unique opportunities for their portfolios in the futures space through separately managed accounts. The high degree of transparency provided through these accounts is coveted by clients but makes many large managers reluctant to offer this format for fear that their strategies will be duplicated.  “We found through talking to the visitors of our website, that we were missing a segment of customers that wanted to access high quality managers with long track records but weren’t ready to allocate large sums of money to separately managed accounts in an area where they didn’t have experience,” said Greg Taunt one of the founding partners of IASG Alternatives. “Institutional mandates that determined some of our fund of fund, pension, and family office contacts also needed to access products through fund vehicles led us to this solution which provided a comprehensive answer for both audiences.”  IASG Alternatives will fill this void by providing managed account platforms that allow increased transparency, potential for cash efficiencies, and lower entry levels for high net worth and institutional customers into the largest traders in the futures industry. This continues the mission of IASG to make diversification opportunities available to a wider audience with tailored solutions for their portfolios and needs using non-correlated alternatives.

About IASG Alternatives

IASG Alternatives was founded in 2015 by current IASG team members Perry Jonkheer, JonPaul Jonkheer, and portfolio managers, Tyler Resch and Greg Taunt. This new company adds to the services provided by Institutional Advisory Services Group (IASG) by offering futures fund and managed account platform products designed to fit the risk tolerance, diversification, and transparency needs of our customers. Our free portfolio review process consists of an initial consultation, research and evaluation of managers that fit prospective customer’s risk return profile, portfolio design, and ultimately daily monitoring and reporting once an investment is open. Through education and proper manager selection we believe futures are an option that everyone should be knowledgeable about as a potential diversifier for their traditional investments.