Commentary provided by Brent Belote of Cayler Capital

My apologies for the delay in getting out month-end commentary, sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the guy trying to launch a security token in the midst of institutional fundraising in the midst of a busy hurricane season (I think that’s how the saying goes).

August was a choppy month across the board, posting a -2.91% loss primarily the result of poorly timed directional bets. In looking at the underlying models and data, the models were trying to pick a spot to get long brent oil and every time we entered a position it coincided with a ‘Delta Variant’ headline that would hammer the market lower.

Looking at the overall market it’s hard not to see the general inflation theme in the world and the energy complex is no different. We continue to melt upwards as the economy continues to fight back to relatively normal demand levels. US oil producers continue to show fiscal discipline in their capital expenditure plans which will tighten the market moving forward. We are now getting to where any demand or supply shock will be parabolic in nature since there won’t be sufficient inventory to meet a loss of supply. We have been very fortunate to have had a fairly stable market in the last decade but I remember very clearly the supply losses and oil spikes associated with the Arab Spring. When we are this low in inventory globally, it doesn’t take much to upset the harmonious balance we’ve enjoyed. We are still calling for $85 oil before year’s end. We are still moving forward with the launch of our security token (albeit with a later launch date) and are now targeting a late October launch. Again, you can invest in the Cayler Capital Token via Securitize Markets

Token Name: CAYCAP
Minimum Investment: $25,000 ($1 initial token value)
Blockchain Utilized: Algorand

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This is an investment in Cayler Capital the company. You will have exposure to our primary program, Systematic Energy Diversified, but you will also have exposure to fees generated from increases or decreases in AUM, the launch of new programs, consulting fees, and any other partnerships that Cayler Capital endeavors in. This token launch will allow us to expand current hiring needs along with offering a levered investment in our program. 

Past Performance is not necessarily indicative of futures results.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash