Come check out our new features! 

With a site used by thousands over its 25-year history, IASG works very hard to make sure we stay relevant with updated features and the most free information available in our space. Our industry-leading database is used by the largest fund managers down to the next generation of traders studying futures in their university classrooms.  Before we move on to the updates that impact you, first a house cleaning item before getting started…   

You may have seen more notifications from us lately as we launched the new The updated version requires a password refresh. While frustrating, this is in line with security measures that protect your privacy as we could not bring that personal information over because it is shielded even from us. Changing this is easy by clicking on the Forgot password link in the login box. If you do not receive an email immediately, be sure to check your spam folder for the notification. 

Moving on to the fun stuff. While we update our site periodically to add new features, the architecture it was built on had not changed for some time. In an age where we all spend more time looking at sites through our phones, it needed to be optimized for a better mobile experience.

The screener criteria filters update on the fly as you change them to find excellent programs quickly that fit your portfolio. Make the screener your own by clicking the gear to customize exactly which columns you’d like to see.  

An unseen part of our job at IASG is speaking with the hundreds of aspiring CTAs who use our site to see how their trading matches others. I point out to them that a unique strategy is helpful and that being smart is not enough. Everyone in the space is smart. For this reason, we will try to feature more of their voices by sharing research pieces, articles, and information about their strategies and markets. This can help make everyone a better investor and to discover investment programs they might otherwise skip over. 

Finally, the IASG index page is gaining popularity in the industry as benchmarks in the space are not easy to find. In addition to better explanations of each category, articles relevant to these indices will be included alongside these pages for education and informational purposes. 

We hope that the experience is improved already, but we will be prepared to add features as we grow with new technology. We thank you again for going on the journey with us. 

Please reach out with any questions or ideas to help us get better. We love hearing from our users.