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Was August the Calm Before the Storm?

Historically the summer markets coincide with tight ranges and low volume. Trends seem to dry up, markets trade in tight ranges, and short-term opportunities can be rare. For instance, the past 30-day range in the SP 500 has been the tightest range since 1995. That particular market led to a 180% rally in the stock market over the […]

Advisor Commentary

Ag Outlook

By Bryen Deutsch, Portfolio Manager, IASGPosted January 16th, 2013 One of the adages in the grain pits at the Chicago Board of Trade states “the best cure for high prices is high prices; the best cure for low prices is low prices.” Simple economic theory makes this saying understandable. When grain prices run to extreme […]

Advisor Commentary

Closing The Book On 2012

by Tyler Resch, Portfolio Manager, IASGPosted December 18th, 2012 As the temperature outside rapidly drops along with the volume in the market it is starting to dawn that 2012 truly is drawing to a close.  We entered the year on the heels of record volatility, the largest bankruptcy the futures industry had ever seen, and […]

Advisor Commentary

Moving Past the Summer Slump

With summer winding down many investors are wondering what Q3 has in store for its final month. August was a relatively quiet month especially when we compare to August 2011 when the market had 3% swings numerous times a week. In contrast this summer in general has been a return to the summer slump we […]

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