Estlander & Partners

Finland-flagFinland Type: Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Registrations: FCA ID: 607234
NFA ID: 0348453
Program Past 12 Months Oct YTD CAROR WDD AUM Min Inv Visits
Alpha Trend chart thumbnail -12.26 8.83 -26.33 $ 113.0M $ 30,000k 21408
Alpha Trend II - Class P chart thumbnail -35.94 -9.13 -73.33 $ 4.8M $ 100k 12599
Freedom chart thumbnail -3.85 -0.38 -25.81 $ 118.0M $ 20,000k 9148
Global Markets archived programs chart thumbnail 3.48 -14.99 $ 10,000k 8599
Global XL archived programs chart thumbnail 8.76 -28.15 $ 5,000k 10265

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange ("forex") is substantial.

CTA Introduction

Estlander & Partners is built on the knowledge that capturing and locking-in opportunities for financial success requires extremely fast decision-making abilities founded in comprehensive and structured market information. To make use of this information in a new and systematic way, they utilize a combination of information, advanced IT capabilities and risk management, supported by a committed R&D strategy and continual product refinement.

A strong performance record stretching from the 1991 Gulf War until the financial crisis of 2008 and beyond has meant staying on top of the different troubled financial climates that have impacted markets in the last decade and a half.

Today they manage USD 370 million (9/2017), including notional, in two unique investment programs: Estlander & Partners Freedom and Estlander & Partners Alpha Trend. Both programs are systematic CTAs designed to capitalize on change, which means fluctuations in global asset prices and modifications in risk appetite. Operating out of two of the main university locations in Finland, Helsinki and Vaasa, they have been able to recruit top talent and inspire them to work towards our objectives. The Estlander & Partners group employs 22 professionals with long, successful track records in trading, fund management and distribution.