Superfund Group

Austria-flagAustria Type: Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Registrations: FMA ID: 122880g
Program Past 12 Months Feb YTD CAROR WDD AUM Min Inv Visits
Superfund Green EUR SICAV chart thumbnail 4.28 -29.53 € 5k 4021
Superfund Green GCT USD archived programs N/A 9.01 -61.05 $ 15k 12791
Superfund Green Gold A (SPC) chart thumbnail 5.40 -62.60 $ 5k 16751
Superfund Green Gold B (SPC) chart thumbnail 5.60 -65.14 $ 50k 12474
Superfund Green Gold C (SPC) archived programs N/A 1.00 -71.96 $ 100k 14188
Superfund Green Gold L.P. Series A-1 archived programs N/A 3.30 -47.26 $ 5k 11863
Superfund Green Gold L.P. Series B-1 archived programs N/A 0.19 -50.61 $ 5k 10648
Superfund Green GOLD SICAV chart thumbnail 17.29 -35.95 $ 20k 6032
Superfund Green L.P. Series A archived programs N/A -0.37 -51.57 $ 5k 15982
Superfund Green L.P. Series B archived programs N/A 0.44 -60.31 $ 5k 12577
Superfund Green Master chart thumbnail 10.22 -65.13 $ 2,000k 14710
Superfund Green Q-AG chart thumbnail 0.37 7.34 -41.99 € 24.1M € 2k 16049
Superfund Green SILVER SICAV chart thumbnail 16.52 -42.33 $ 20k 5932
Superfund Green USD SICAV chart thumbnail 6.76 -28.14 $ 5k 4848
Superfund Red EUR SICAV chart thumbnail -3.33 -33.83 $ 10k 7106
Superfund Red One SP I - Class A EUR archived programs N/A 6.05 -19.01 € 10k 4178
Superfund Red One SP I - Class A Gold archived programs N/A 15.16 -27.07 $ 10k 4934
Superfund Red One SP I - Class A Silver archived programs N/A 7.12 -34.05 $ 10k 4702
Superfund Red One SP I - Class A USD archived programs N/A 8.44 -17.86 $ 10k 4446
Superfund Red USD SICAV chart thumbnail -1.87 -30.63 $ 10k 8110

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange ("forex") is substantial.

CTA Introduction

Superfund companies are privately owned and together form a consortium of investment companies specializing in trading and offering Superfund managed futures funds which strive to achieve absolute returns with low relative volatility and low correlation to traditional investments and other alternative investments.

The use of advanced technology trading systems has resulted in strong annual average performance over the medium to long term. Technically based managed futures funds, like Superfund funds, are having a greater influence in the non-institutional world as private investors demand access to sophisticated investments previously available only to a more limited universe of investors.

In March 1996, members of the Superfund group of companies, originally known as Quadriga, launched one of the world’s first retail hedge funds. By 1997, the proprietary software and trading systems were further refined, resulting in a fully automated approach to trading.