Third Street Ag Investments, LLC

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange ("forex") is substantial.

CTA Introduction


Third Street AG Invesments, LLC was formed in August, 2012 by Chad Burlet and Bob Otter. Burlet and Otter are both veterans of the grain and soy markets and their trading program will concentrate exclusively on these markets. ::: Burlet is the Chief Trading Officer of the firm. He spent the first 9 years of his career with Cargill, ultimately rising to head the firm's Commodity Marketing Division Oilseeds Trading Department. In 1989, Goldman Sachs hired Burlet to trade grain and soy for a new trading operation of the firm's J. Aron division in New York. There Burlet traded US and world soybean futures, options and cash for the firm. In 1996 Mr. Burlet became an independent trader headquartered in Chicago. He continued to utilize his extensive network of contacts and experience to successfully trade grain and soy throughout the 90’s and up to the present. Beginning in 2008, he added trading on behalf of others to his responsibilities. Burlet brought $10,000,000 under his management into Third Street Ag Investments :::Bob Otter has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade since 1975. Until 2012, when Third Street Ag was formed, he traded and brokered soybeans and grain on the CBOT trading floor. Otter heads up operations, compliance and risk management for the firm. :::Third Street AG Investments, LLC is a fundamental, discretionary trader of exchange listed grain and soy futures and options. The Chief Trading Officer, Chad Burlet, has been an active and successful trader of the grain markets for over 30 years. His experience, knowledge of worldwide soy and grain economics, and his extensive network of contacts all contribute to his analysis of the markets, and ultimately to his trading decisions. Spreads, both intra and inter commodity, make up a large part of the firm’s positions.

The foundation of fundamental agricultural trading lies in understanding the worldwide economics of grain production, transportation, processing and consumption. We believe that with this knowledge we can and will be able to develop a clear understanding of the trade flows and market aberrations which should naturally occur over time. From our market experience it is our opinion that temporary price dislocations will be created when any one group of market participant (hedgers, investors, speculators etc.) enters the market in an unbalanced fashion. Furthermore we believe that those market dislocations will always become unsustainable over time. Fundamental Discretionary Ag focuses as a strategy on our ability to identify those dislocations and our ability to determine reasonable time frames for their correction. This knowledge should give us the opportunity to capitalize on anticipated price movements on a relatively consistent basis. Our trading will be purely discretionary and based nearly entirely on fundamental market factors. We will utilize a limited amount of technical analysis to enter and exit positions; this however will not be a primary trading ideal within the strategy.