Insight Features

Up-to-Date Reporting

Always know how your portfolio is doing. Gain insight by being able to track investment performance data for your entire portfolio or by individual manager. Performance statistics are detailed, reliable, and updated daily.

Insights at a Glance

The dashboard offers powerful portfolio insights at a glance, including clear allocation and performance summaries, trading day breakdowns, and customizable charts.

Powerful Analytic Tools

Monitor daily volatility, Sharpe ratio, margin usage, and market diversification—among other advanced analytics—for actionable investor insight. Review trade allocations, gain/loss, P/L, and open positions.

Why This Benefits You

To trade futures intelligently, information is required—just as you would want insight into a stock before taking on any risk. This platform is designed to provide the portfolio insight necessary to make informed decisions about your positions.

Available Exclusively to IASG Clients

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