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CTA / Program YTD Inception
0.00 1/1/2014

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

The Dynamic Oil Strategy is an intraday mean reversion strategy which seeks to deliver consistent alpha during the volatile price oscillations of West Texas Intermediate Light Sweet Crude Oil Market (WTI). We believe that consistent performance in crude oil futures is possible if you can eliminate market noise. Our model is designed to eliminate that noise and generate returns in these time periods when other investments may be unstable. <br><br> The benefits of the Dynamic Oil Strategy are intraday trading, liquidation of all positions before the close of each market day while reducing overnight market risk, avoid whipsaws, single asset focus, sustainable returns, scalable sector, low correlation to Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) and traditional asset classes, and a top-down approach.
Portfolio Manager
Rick Mann
Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)
NFA 0463064
United States of America