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-Note: Assets under management are in $. Alinpa AG is the trading advisor for Alinpa Trading Ltd., a discretionary managed futures fund. The investment approach of the fund is primarily based on technical analysis of certain futures markets, with fundamental research applied as a filter. Technical analysis attempts to exploit market opportunities resulting from different types of investor behaviour. Strict risk management is employed to ensure that risk is monitored effectively on a position by position and portfolio level. The fund's primary objective is to capitalize on trends and other non-random movements in the global markets. The fund is expected to have positions in 3-10 markets on average. As it is the nature of the program to let profits run and to cut losses, winning trades are expected to last about twice as long as losing trades. A variety of trading methods are employed to achieve attractive risk/return pay-offs. Class B started trading in July 2005 and is an aggressive fund with long-term annual target returns of greater than 20% net. The risk characteristics are comparable to a diversified equity portfolio. Prospective clients must be Qualified Eligible Clients (QECs) as defined under CFTC Regulation 4.7.