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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

Mr. Beryl is president and owner of Beryl Investment Group, LLC. Mr. Beryl received a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management and Finance from Boston University in June of 1968. Upon graduation he was employed as a securities analyst for the New York Stock Exchange firm of Rafkind & Co whom he stayed with until May of 1970. In May of 1970 he became an officer and member of the Board of Directors of Sunshine Mining Co., at that time, the nation's largest silver mining company and a New York Stock Exchange listed company. One of his primary functions was to coordinate the hedging of the company's future silver production on the Commodity Exchange (COMEX). Upon leaving Sunshine Mining Company in July of 1976 he was employed by EF Hutton and Co. Inc., a major brokerage firm, where he traded commodity assets for clients. It was during his tenure at EF Hutton and Co. through February of 1985 that Mr. Beryl purchased seats and subsequently became a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange and the Coffee, Cocoa & Sugar Exchange. In February of 1985 he started a floor brokerage operation where his company executed orders for many of the major brokerage houses. <br><br> Upon moving to Florida, he became a Vice President of Smith Barney/Lehman Brothers, a major brokerage firm, located in North Palm Beach, Florida in July of 1992. His primary responsibility was the handling and trading of commodity accounts for clients. In September of 1994 he left Smith Barney. In September of 1994 he was offered the position of Vice President at Prudential Securities, a major brokerage firm where his primary responsibility was handling commodity and security investments. During this time period his client assists grew to approximately 75 million dollars. He left Prudential in December of 2000. In December of 2000 he became a Senior Vice President at Wachovia Securities LLC, a major brokerage firm; and became registered as an Associated Person with the firm on April 24, 2001.Mr. Beryl was responsible for the previously mentioned assets. Mr. Beryl and Wachovia Securities, LLC parted ways in June of 2001. From June of 2001 until Oct of 2002 he concentrated on commodity futures studies in conjunction to trading his own account. On October 4, 2002 he became registered with The Price Futures Group, an Introducing Broker, as an Associated Person, and on May 5, 2004 as a Branch Office Manager, he holds the title of a Senior Vice President of the Private Client Group, where his responsibilities encompass the managing of commodity accounts. On April 9, 2007 Mr. Beryl registered Beryl Investment Group; LLC in the state of Florida and on the same date became a principal of the company. On May 4, 2007, Mr. Beryl was registered as an Associated Person to the advisor Beryl Investment Group with the National Futures Association.
Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)
NFA 0382914
United States of America