Free Flight

Trading Program

Minimum Investment
$ 20,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


-Trading DescriptionThe Free Flight Program involves the use of technical analysis to&discern price pattern recgonitions. Trading signals are generated by Free Flight's&proprietary computer program. The market data is analyzed on an intraday basis and traded&only on an intraday basis. Positions are never taken overnight and all positions are exited by &the end of regular session of trading. The Free Flight program comprises six different&systems of pattern recognitions. This programs does not generate trading signals every&day. Free Flight is 100 percent automated using Vankar Technology and Ninja Trader&automation through Tradestation strategy. Free Flight concentrates its trading in the stock indexes on the e-mini&S&P 500 futures and e-mini Russel 2000 futures each of these futures are traded&on the CME Group. Free Flight reserves the right to trade in other markets at&its sole discretion.Risk StrategyFree Flight employs rigorous money management techniques in an attempt&to reduce the risk associated with the program. More specifically, stop loss&orders are placed to limit potential losses or protect profits.All of the trading strategies have pre-defined profit goals and risk&exposure. Stop loss measures are utilized to quantify market exposure. Market&conditions are monitored for liquidity, range of movement and implied volatility&measured against historical volatility. Free Flight employs money management skills&acquired over 20 years of analyzing back tested data.&