JPD Enterprises

Global Diversified

Minimum Investment
$ 0
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%


-Trading Methodology Prudent trade selection and strict risk management principles are emphasized in JPD's Global Diversified program. The strategy seeks to effect appreciation of client assets by investing in a highly diversified group of global financial and commodity futures and options. Its portfolio management approach is technical in nature and has been developed from analysis of historical and current patterns of price behavior. Consideration of fundamental factors which may affect price behavior are incorporated from time to time. The trading approach is generally trend-following with initiations typically occurring in the direction of the trend. Risk is controlled through diversification of positions across many market groups chosen for their historical performance and for their customary liquidity. JPD's strategy seeks to reduce risk by analyzing trades on a risk/reward basis. To this end, various internally developed money management principles are employed which determine and limit equity committed to each trade, each market and group of markets. These principles incorporate various factors, including research data and current profitability.