National Bank of Canada

NBC Atrium Futures

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%


-NBC Atrium The NBC Atrium Futures Total Return Banking Product (Atrium) is a fully-systematic trading strategy managed by Mr. Neal McComb that applies statistical and technical analysis to a globally-diversified portfolio of financial and commodity futures markets. The Strategy seeks to profit from longer-term price movements (both long and short) that other alternative assets managers fail to capture. Atrium differentiates itself in four ways: 1. Atrium is a part of the National Bank of Canada (Canada's sixth largest bank with assets of $90 billion). Atrium offers clients the investment capacity of a small CTA with the extensive business structure provided by a large bank. 2. Atrium's focus is on generating positive returns over the next 20 years. 3. Atrium has a longer time horizon that most CTAs. 4. Atrium makes very few assumptions regarding future market behaviour and captures situations other CTAs miss.