TIF Fund Management

Triumph Futures Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%
Annualized Volatility 0.00%
Sharpe (RFR=1%) 0.00


-STRATEGIES Triumphâ??s assets are allocated to a diverse assortment of unique strategy managers including exchangemember floor brokers and â??nicheâ?? trading firms. Traders are chosen for their experience, control, noncorrelated performance, timeliness and each individual strategyâ??s â??edge.â?? TFM â??pairsâ?? the traders into groups with opposing tactics or viewpoints to create a natural â??hedge.â?? The traders also use derivatives strategies extensively. The Fundâ??s history of low downside volatility indicates the viability of the concept, but there is no guarantee that it will continue in the future. SHORTER TIME FRAME TRADING & HEDGING REDUCES RISK Most of Triumphâ??s traders operate in the short and intermediate-term time frames. This reduces risk and thus protects the Fundâ??s capital. Many of them may also use â??long wingâ?? options, spreads, arbitrage, swaps or other hedging techniques, all of which contribute to maintaining the Fundâ??s historically low downside volatility. THE BENEFIT OF EXPERIENCED TRADERS Triumphâ??s managers average 26 years of trading experience and several are members of one or more exchanges. They may provide the Fund certain benefits such as lower transaction costs, reduced margin requirements, free â??pass-outâ?? trades and increased interest income, none of which are commonly available in other funds. Triumphâ??s traders primarily utilize liquid exchange-traded instruments that can easily be â??marked-to-marketâ?? on a daily basis. UNIQUE CONCEPT There are six main features of Triumph that are unique: 1. Assets are allocated to floor-traders and other â??nicheâ?? strategy managers. 2. Most of our traders are unknown to the general public. 3. Many of the benefits received are typically unavailable from other funds. 4. Investorsâ?? goals are aligned with those of our traders. 5. The typical conflicts of interest are eliminated. 6. There are no hidden charges, additional fees, duplication of expenses or side agreements. PRINCIPAL JAMES S. MOORE Mr. Mooreâ??s entire business effort focuses on the management of TFM and Triumph Investment Master Fund Ltd., (â??Triumphâ??). A significant portion of his personal net worth is invested in these two entities. He is also the Master Fundâ??s Supervising Director. Mr. Moore began his Wall Street career in 1968 and has held positions as principal, broker, branch manager, chief trading officer, sales manager and director of marketing and investment policy at several well-known brokerage firms.