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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

TMA Capital Management is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) whose goal is to achieve marked capital appreciation and mitigation of risk leading to enviable Modified Sharpe & Sortino Ratios. Our goal is to handily outperform the markets with double-digit Alpha. While employing solid risk and trade management techniques, TMA currently engages in a program of buying and selling futures contracts for short and intermediate-term profits. Although TMA has been a registered CTA since 2007 (12 years), some of the methods still used in TMA programs began development in 2002 (17 years) and none later than 2013 (six years). <br><br> Our founder has been trading since 1998 and a student of the markets since 1994 (25 years). He's traded through catastrophic events like the '98 Asian flu and LTCM collapse, the collapse '00-'02, and the CDO-MBS Housing crash and near financial collapse ('07-09). In fact, these are some of the best opportunities for our clients who use our ability to make money during these situations as an incredible hedge for the remaining 80% of their portfolio.
Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)
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