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-Trendinvestor Capital Management â?? NASDAQ 100 Program was set up at the beginning of 2005. We trade the NASDAQ 100 via NASDAQ 100 Full Size and E-Mini Futures Contracts. We are as our name clearly states Trend Investors we are not Traders. Our systems first of all identify the dominant market Primary Trend in force and then filter the contrary Secondary Trends. We use Leverage and adjust the amount used throughout the trading year to leverage profits or to reduce leverage if we have suffered Losses. Our risk management is a combination of using trend change signals generated by our system allied to pre identified stop loss points. We never allow a position to get away from us. However we must also let a position breath this is always the difficult balancing act. Our systems involve risk that is inevitable when you enter any financial market. We went live with the system in 2002 and we launched our website in 2004. Please visit our site to see how we turned $50,000 into nearly $100 million in 10 years. We claim that our system has produced results, that makes it without doubt the worlds No 1 investment system with an average annual rate of return of 99.25% We believe that the secret to investment success is to be consistently on the correct side of the market over a considerable period of time using limited leverage and let the wonders of compound interest grow the account. The results we report are gross figures and annualized. We do not charge a management fee as we believe all fees should be performance based; you only pay for our skills, when you win.