World Capital

Index Trading Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%


-World Capitalâ??s Program consists of participating in options of major futures markets. The proprietary strategy consists of what is commonly known as a Credit Spread approach. By using technical analysis an attempt is made to determine volatility for a particular market. The program sells call and put options on the same market in order to receive the premiums for each sold position. Simultaneously, the program includes the purchase of the exact number of call and put options at different strike prices as a protective hedge device in case of adverse market movements. World Capital's objective is to retain as much of the option premiums received until expiration or until a suitable time, minus the cost of the option purchases, and follow the market until the options sold reaches the expiration date. Daily tracking of the option prices is conducted to determine potential reward versus the amount of risk involved. Not all trades will reach the expiration date. Should profits reach an acceptable level, positions may be liquidated. As with a non-profitable situation, portions can be liquidated to reduce risk and loss of funds. Using proprietary analysis techniques, World Capital attempts to determine future volatility by assessing the markets daily activity. The Program is at risk of the volatility (rapid price fluctuations) and depends largely on the stability of movements in a particular market. Should the particular market become too volatile before or during entry, daily notice by the proprietary technique is expected to alert to a disadvantage situation to World Capitalâ??s Program. The advisor reserves the right to select market entry and exit points. World Capital will generally use approximately 50% of available funds in a client's account (Nominal or Total Funds Under Management) for a particular months trading. The purpose of this is to distribute risk over a two (or more) month period with 50% of the available funds in one month and 50% of funds in the coming month. Another reason is to take advantage of option premium prices (if any) from months that may show an increased return on capital. Michael Odell Anderson is President & Chief Executive Officer and has over 10 years experience in the Futures Trading business working with investment firms located in Tampa, Florida and Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Andersonâ??s experience includes positions with leading FCMâ??s and CPOâ??s. In addition, Mr. Anderson has 15 years experience in the Stock Trading buisness working with firms in Tampa, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Meridian, Mississippi. Mr. Andersonâ??s Stock Market investment career began in January 1992 and Futures Trading career began in July of 1995. Gary A. Futch is Vice President and Chief Operations Officer and has over 10 years of market trading experience. Mr. Futch has traded in the Stock Market and Futures Markets and is an experienced Market Analyst. From 2004 to Present, Mr. Futch is the COO and the Technical Analyst for World Capital Financial. Mr. Futch uses his charting, market research, and trade documentation skills to provide the firm with necessary market information as well as the necessary information for updating client's records. Richard A. Barber is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and has over 22 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer. From 2004 to Present Mr. Barber currently serves as Chief Financial Officer World Capital Financial, Inc., Meridian, MS a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and NFA member firm. Mr. Barber has been a C.P.A for over 25 years in Public Practice in Florida and is a member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants.