BillionZ Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 0.00%


-The first step in the trading process is discretionary. We use the "BillionZ ESP" technique (ESP stands for estimated price) to analyze a fundamental 3 dimensional fractal pattern that is found in major financial markets to identify PRICE target opportunities. We use our discretion to determine which market is offering us the greatest reward potential with the least amount of risk. Upon making this decision we move on to the next step. The second step is to take the high probability price targets and filter them with our enhanced probability filter that we call the â??Kazana Fractal Trendâ??. â??KFTâ?? is a systematic method that we have developed over the years to determine with enhanced probability the current but dynamically shifting dominant trend of the market at any given moment. To further increase probability of profit and to reduce risk we place trades in the direction that the KFT indicates as the dominant trend direction at the moment of the trade. The third step of the trading process is also systematic and utilizes our trading system which we call "BillionZ". BillionZ is a multiple time frame trading system with precise mechanical rules for trade entry, trade exit, and stop placement, as well as precise rules to determine dynamically which time frame to utilize for those signals at any given moment. Trading System Performance Disclosure: Trading system performance from July 2004 thru October 2004 represents Pro Forma results of trading proprietary capital (after deducting all commissions, a management fee of 2%, and an incentive fee of 20% of profits). Trading from November 2004 forward represents Pro Forma results of trading client capital (after deducting all actual commissions and fees) which is traded in a like manner and with the same use of margin as that used for proprietary funds. In August 2006, for money management reasons, we took steps to reduce per trade risk and volatility by eliminating options trading from our program. Options previously represented approximately 10% of trading volume.