IASG Blender

Try out your investment ideas. Our custom blending tool makes it easy to combine managed futures programs, set allocations, and estimate returns.

Investing in a blend of managed futures programs allows you to diversify your risk, just like investing in a large blend fund or mid-cap blend fund would.

Create Your Free Blend
Custom Blend

At-A-Glance Data

View important information at a glance for each blend you create. Includes allocation charts, year-to-date numbers, performance composites, and detailed monthly data.

Allocate and Correlate

Once you’ve created your custom blend, it’s easy to add or subtract programs, update allocations, modify leverage, and review the correlations and risk/reward ratios.

Why This Benefits You

This easy-to-use tool gives you numerous advantages. Managed futures can complement your existing portfolio, whether you currently blend stock picks or own blended fund investments. In many ways, this can bring value to your portfolio alongside a blend of mutual funds or other blended funds. To learn more about this tool and its functionality, get in touch with IASG today.