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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

A-VENTURE CAPITAL S.A • A-Venture Capital is a Swiss based company and regulated by ARIF
• Parent Company is based on Wall Street
• Offering managed accounts for hedge funds, Banks, and private individuals
• Profit sharing formula
• High returns with a capital preservation target
• A-Venture Capital research team members have more than 30 years of experience on Trading methodology
• Most trading is conducted with the view of short term trading using spot Forex
• Positional trading is done on 1:1 or lower leverage and is scaled in targeted performance
• Using propriety technical analysis and also 33 years of fundamental knowledge base
• Low leverage rates are employed with a capital preservation goal within the trading
• Long Term Strategy Signals and Short Term Strategy Signals.
• Highest leverage employed is 15:1 on day trading only
• Stop loss and take profits are established before any trade is implemented
• 3:1 return ratio is targeted for all trading

Propriety technical analysis
• Based on the works of Gann and refined over the course of 27 years of work
• Market timing critical to the system
• The method has been demonstrated on CNBC

Richard Mark Morrish
Richard Morrish has been a regular contributor to CNBC in most regions for the last Several Years and has also appeared on many Regional television stations around the world discussing global macro economics as well as Bloomberg TV. Richard Morrish has had helped advise and report to many of the major central banks.

Richard is a consummate market professional, who has over 32 years of experience of financial market in all asset classes. He has been a market maker in the Gilt market (sovereign debt market) and a cash futures arbitrage trader. He has been a self employed trader in the LIFFE market and one of the biggest locals (self traders) in the Italian Bond market in the 1990s. He has run two global macros hedge funds in the late 90s to mid 2000s, being a member of both the LSE and the LIFFE markets.

Richard has lectured to audiences of 10 to 350 about how to successfully trade and how to run a global macro hedge fund. Having being taught by some of the best economists in the world, Richard’s understand of economics and central banks actions are second to none in the market place.

Richard also has his own proprietary method of technical analysis which is based on Gann, Harmonics and intonation of pattering that is very accurate to market predictions.

Richard Morrish predicted the late summer rally in US shares on the 17th July predicting a high around the 1,095 level when the S&P was trading at 925, a move of over sixteen percent when many other commentators were calling for the markets to drop.

He predicted the 2008 high in oil at $147, the coming of the financial market crisis in 2007. These are just some of multiple amazing calls made. He also predicted the collapse of the stock markets back in 2001 to the day in written reports to his brokers and investors, moving out of equities in June 2001 and into the bond markets.

He is a livery man and freeman of the City of London where he spent most of his 32 years of his financial markets career. For the last two years Richard established the research team at MIG Investments and raised their profile via CNBC and also managed to secure their sponsorship of the Brawn F1 team who are now double world championship in the current season for both drivers and constructors.

In November 2009 Richard Morrish joined the team of A-Venture Capital as Chief Research & Strategist Officer.

Francois J.R. DUBOUCHET was born on 20th March 1961 & as French citizen with switzerland origin. François has a top mathematics studies cursus degree in a Lycée d’Etat of Besançon « Superior & Special Mathematics » 1983; then he hold a Master of Sciences École d’Ingénieur Génie Informatique et Productique 1985; Bachelor of Sciences + 5 years DESS-ISI Post-Graduate spécial co-formation of École des Mines de Paris & Institut National Recherche Informatique Automatique 1986. From 1986 to 1987, Francois J.R. DUBOUCHET was employed as an engineer concerned with the French Defence industry at Aérospatiale-Cannes. He was involved in the commercial aspects and liaison with the European Space Agency and the European project known as “Esprit”, concerned with satellite control over Europe.

From 1988 to 1994, he was employed by the Filiale Caisse des Dépots et Consignations/Escota-Cannes as a project leader in various fields including, as the Director, a) monetary transactions oversight service, b) audit services and c) risk management.

Commencing in 1995 to 1999, Mr. F.J.R. DUBOUCHET began a new exciting phase in his career in the world of banking and finance. He worked for the Group Barclays Bank PLC/Barclays Finance-Nice (France) as a financial advisor on the very top level of private, institutional and industrial clients. This position afforded experience in the broad cross-disciplinary field of financial structuring, differentiated asset class management, insurance, leverage and direct client interaction.

In 1999 Mr F.J.R. DUBOUCHET became the Chairman & Founder of the First Official Family Office Websites & Projects in South of Europe. With support of the Prince of Polignac, he’s working a part-time on the establishment of a financial services company offering highly specialized Family Office-type services.

Mr F.J.R. DUBOUCHET has many diversified interests and activities. English is his second working language and German his third language, he was awarded a Private pilot’s Airplane license; and in his spare-time, he enjoys Musical instruments particularly playing the violin; Selected Camel Trophy, Ex-National Consellor & General Secretary in Politics. Founder of the new confidential project of Brain Bank Funds Foundation for the European Academy under UNESCO. He was decorated by SAR Demetrios IV Koroneos, President of the Académia Nationale di Lettere, Arti e Scienze, with the title of Comte Ing. d’Anatolia & Ariana .

Recently his latest professionnal business experiences are the creation and running first Family Office in the Principality of Monaco, holding the title of Head of Family Office for a Monegasque bank, the Dresdner Bank Monaco. He also handled and organized the inauguration of the bank with an Opening Event, gathering 1300 guests at the Sporting Club in Monaco. And successfully worked on establishing the bank as early as 2002. In 2006 he brought in, followed up and managed a very international VIP clientele, originating from such diverse spheres as jet setters, acclaimed Chairmen of the Board and CEO’s, as well as soccer stars and their agents.
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