ACE Investment Strategists

Energy Sector Hybrid Approach (ESHA)

Minimum Investment
$ 20,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 25.00%


The objective of the ACE's Hybrid Approach Strategies is to enhance the consistency of overall returns by taking advantage of various market conditions with a vast array of investment vehicles and techniques. It is central to this trading strategy that ACE makes use of flexibility to match the optimum trading style to the specific market situation. It's an "all market weather" strategy approach in the sense that is tries trade the three stages of the market for optimum results.

It's a simple formula: match the optimum trading approach to the current market environment and adjust as that changes. Of course, it's be bit more complex than that. It takes stern dedication to be that flexible and convicted to your trading program, disregarding all distractions. It takes experienced and seasoned trading.