Agile Investment Management

Senti-Wave Plus Program

Minimum Investment
$ 350,000
Management Fee 1.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Agile's Senti-Wave Plus Strategy Description: The strategy is an 80% systematic trading method developed from a proprietary trading system and used to capitalize on waves of over-sold or over-bought environments in the equity futures markets, and in the volatility of those markets. The strategy trades NASDAQ 100 futures and Volatility index futures (VIX) and takes advantage of directional momentum and volatility as a market sentiment barometer designed to achieve steady and consistently positive 12 month returns regardless of market direction. It targets these results in trendless or choppy market environments. Trades are short-term in duration from several days to several weeks and average margin use is expected to be 4% since heavier margin use, up to about 14%, is used only when trades appear particularly attractive. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Trading Futures and Options involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. See Accounting Notes Below.

The monthly returns we have achieved and submit for your review are the result of a proprietary investment strategy designed to thrive and profit from the long- standing characteristics of the most basic of human emotions, 'fear, greed and hope'. Those forms of instinct when combined with the psychological effects of advertising driven media hype and institutional algorithms extending market moves, frequently tend to generate overbought and oversold equity market trading opportunities. The systematic strategy trades equity and volatility index equities and Futures and uses directional movement and volatility in the market to its advantage by entering trades in low sentiment, oversold market environments and reversing positons when market psychology and sentiment improves and they become overpriced. This process creates a short term, technical price to value oriented "Buffetesque" style of trading. A portion of the strategy's risk management is built into the shrewd, value buying and selling nature of the funds low leverage trading structure, additionally the funds capital averages out to be prudently kept safe in money market over 35% of the time, patiently waiting for the proper investment opportunities to emerge. The strategy signals can be applied successfully to nearly all equity and volatility products, it is a market sentiment timing barometer. The timing strategy is designed to give consistent monthly returns, regardless of market direction. It benefits from market volatility and the program has been designed to provide steady, positive returns in trendless, choppy markets, which traded by usual methods have often proven to be very difficult to trade profitably.