Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 40.00%


Short Term Trend Following with attitude! Megalio Vision is the result of over 4 decades of cumulative 'market' trading experience by two remarkable in-house proprietary traders who have produced significant positive returns over the past 22 months through short term trend following. Highly liquid investment strategy with Monthly liquidity Megalio Vision seeks to maximize investor returns with carefully controlled high risk balanced with the intention of allowing trades room to 'breath' Megalio Vision traders have achieved a significant real return since February 2009 – against a back-drop of one of the most tumultuous financial markets in over 100 years. Base equity returns of (Est) +271% (Net to Investor - i.e. post all commissions and charges). Currently a single-market strategy dedicated to investing in the DAX market volatility as an asset. The objective is to capture the uncorrelated alpha that exists in trading the futures market in the DAX in a risk limited way Megalio Vision traders use market volatility as an asset. Hands on trading via constant monitoring of the markets during 'market hours' as traders scan for perceived trading opportunities, to create a long/short portfolio of short-term futures trades targeting maximum risk adjusted returns to build profit Looking to achieve high value and consistent absolute returns 22 month track record of actual results: Market prices for futures are used to predict future movements in the underlying market(s).

Compound returns calculation (where profits are re-invested on a monthly basis) would naturally be significantly higher however it is our policy not to compound returns as a part of our risk management measures.