Minimum Investment
$ 100,000
Management Fee 1.50%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The Advisor’s AIP Program consists of utilizing two separate investment programs , hereon referred to as ‘Sub-Programs’. The AIP Program is the aggregate net results of trading the Sub-Programs known as the Genesis Program, offered by the Commodity Trading Advisor known as Kelly Angle Inc., along with the Keck Program offered by the Commodity Trading Advisor known as Keck Capital Management LLC . At the beginning of each trading month, approximately 50% of the aggregate allocation will be equally divided between each Sub-Program. Management Fees and any Incentive Fees are based upon on net new profits of the combined performance of the Sub-Program results. The Advisor of the AIP Program, Angle Capital Management LLC serves as the Commodity Trading Advisor of the AIP Program, but will not earn any fees in serving as the Advisor. All fees charged by the Angle Capital Management LLC, will be equally shared and distributed to companies which own and operate the Sub-Programs, which are Kelly Angle Inc. (the Genesis Program) and Keck Capital Management LLC, (the Keck Program). The Genesis Program has been trading since April 2000 and the Keck Program has been trading since December 2003. Mr. Angle, is the primary designer of the Genesis and Keck Programs. The AIP Program is a single allocation investment vehicle that gives the allocation source the opportunity to participate in both the Genesis and Keck Programs through a single allocation where potential non-correlation benefits may be obtained from trading the two programs at the same time.