Ascendant Asset Advisors

JLD Managed Futures Trading Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 50.00%


-The JLD MANAGED FUTURES TRADING PROGRAM (Formally called the JLD Global Commodity Program)trades futures on more than 10 different futures markets. This may include interest rates, currencies, stock indices, metals, agriculture, and energies. The goal of this Program is to provide superior risk-adjusted investment returns by employing a technical trading system which uses proprietary indicators to evaluate and then execute trading opportunities. The JLD Managed Futures Trading Programs objective is to exit futures positions before the end of day to minimize any overnight risk. The program may use options on futures positions sparingly to hedge existing futures positions if they are held overnight. The options on futures positions although used minimally are generally held for 3-5 weeks. This program is more suitable for those investors who seek a highly aggressive and highly speculative investment program.