Attain Portfolio Advisors

Standard Program

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Attain's investment philosophy strives to achieve maximum growth of capital within defined risk limitations. To meet these targets, Attain employs a portfolio of objective, technically-based trading systems and a multidimensional diversification strategy which allots capital to different markets, trading strategies, and time frames. The selection of component strategies, time frames and markets follows a rigorous quantitative analysis that considers the liquidity and volatility of markets traded, types of strategies employed, trade duration, risk of loss, and probability of achieving performance objectives. These factors, along with measures of correlation between the system components, attempt to ensure synergy at the portfolio level while limiting risk by maintaining diversification across multiple dimensions. We believe our philosophy of diversifying among time frames and strategies as well as markets sets Attain apart from the bulk of advisors who diversify amongst market sectors only. The resulting multi-dimensional approach gives Attain the ability to profit (or suffer losses) in virtually any environment, be it rising or falling markets, quick or long term moves, or trending versus oscillating markets.