Becker Asset Management, LLC

Program 1 - Client

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Description of Trading Methods and Strategies Objectives: Trading Program 1 is a managed futures trading program that takes positions across a diversified portfolio of futures markets. Directional Bias None. The program may be net long, short or flat any particular market or sector at any time. Average trade duration: one day to several months or more. Sector Exposure The program will have exposure to all major sectors, including, but not limited to, currencies, agriculturals, equity indices, interest rates, metals, energies, softs and meats. Trading Approach In broad terms, the different trading approaches that make up the trading program attempt to generate trading profits in (i) trending, (ii) non-trending, and (iii) reversal phases of any major market trend. All trades taken are actively managed, with the view of locking in as much of the prevailing market thrust as possible, while at the same time allowing each trade sufficient room to move in order to meet its return objectives. Becker Asset Management, LLC utilizes mechanical trading systems and risk management models for all trading programs that have been developed by the principals of Becker Asset Management.