Bridgeton Fund Management, LLC

Bridgeton Tactical Advisors Fund

Minimum Investment
$ 25,000
Management Fee 0.85%
Performance Fee 10.00%


Bridgeton Tactical Advisors Fund, LP (BTAF) provides risk managed and cost efficient access to Managed Futures. BTAF seeks to profit from price trends in a diversified portfolio of futures contracts by combining robust trend following methods with an innovative risk management approach. Global equity indexes, global interest rates, currencies, metals, energy and agricultural futures contracts are traded in the portfolio. In addition to low management fees, BTAF has no punitive investment constraints such as lock-ups and high incentive fees. In October 2014, Bridgeton Fund Management, LLC, introduced a streamlined structure to the Bridgeton Tactical Advisors Fund (“BTAF”) which will sharply reduce the expense hurdle to investors. Additionally, BTAF’s portfolio process was enhanced. The Fund will continue to utilize diversified momentum and trend following models, however, overlaying these strategies is a new cohort of risk management methods designed to sharply reduce volatility and drawdown.