CC Athena OS

Investment Program (Institutional EURO class)

Minimum Investment
EUR 5,000,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


-The strategy is an options trading system that trades currently complex option strategies on S&P500 Futures Options (SPX options will be traded to complete and supplement the futures options) with the goal to generate a positive absolute return in any given market environment. &The strategy was developed out of a proprietary trading program of CCPM that was first implemented in 1995. Ever since then, the strategy was subject to a constant process of research and development, which led from a classical options writing strategy (Short Selling from June 1998 to July 2002) to a complex options strategy (since August 2002) that is based on a fixed set of possible strategies and follows a systematic trading approach. &CCPM trades the strategy with the final set of rules that it involves today since August 2002. It utilises a combination of bought and sold options in the front month of the S&P 500 index. If the front month has only a maturity of 2-3 weeks to expiration of the front month, the program trades the next option month. Under regular trading conditions, these strategies will be held close to the expiry of the options contracts. Changes to the positions will only be made if either the risk management model or the position management rules would require such a change.