Covenant Capital Management

Original Program

Minimum Investment
$ 5,000,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


There is a void in the landscape of the managed futures industry. On one side of this void are hundreds of small ‘emerging’ traders with neither the length of track record to suggest a robust trading method nor the institutional infrastructure to suggest a legitimate business model. Next to ‘emerging’ traders there are ‘experimental’ traders. Usually headed by an ex-rising star at a large bank or hedge fund, these managers attract significant assets very quickly. While some of these firms have institutional infrastructure, they lack actual trading history. On the other side of the void are large billion-dollar trading firms with solid (but deteriorating) track records and institutional-grade infrastructures, yet offer very little in terms of diversification and flexibility. CCM is a ‘Boutique’ CTA designed to fill the void between these options. Our investors want a CTA that offers the best of both worlds, a CTA with an innovative trading model that yields unique and reliable return streams as well as institutional-grade infrastructure. A Boutique firm remains small enough to have meaningful exposure to all market sectors yet secure enough to have institutional-grade compliance, technology, and back-office services. Boutique investors want their investment tailored to their unique needs and they demand a track record that spans multiple economic cycles. Founded in 1999 CCM manages approximately $300 million in customer assets for clients around the world. The firm operates out of its headquarters in Nashville with a fully-redundant branch office in Chicago. The co-founders remain focused on the refinement of their core strategy which has not changed since the inception of the firm. CCM partners with select institutional clients in the development of customized trading models that achieve specific risk and return stream objectives. Our long-standing offerings, the Original and Aggressive Programs, will continue to be offered until capacity limits are reached.