Cranwood Capital Management

Cranwood International Fund

Minimum Investment
$ 250,000
Management Fee 0.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The investment objective of the Cranwood International Fund, Ltd. is to generate high, absolute total returns by arbitraging temporary discrepancies occurring along the US Treasury yield curve. These discrepancies are identified by Cranwood traders using a proprietary model identifying brief, transitory shifts based upon intraday imbalances. These arbitrage techniques include the simultaneous sale and purchase of US Treasury futures contracts creating a spread among commonly traded Treasury notes and bonds. Along with the extensive experience of Cranwood’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Pete Powers, Cranwood employs traders who monitor and trade the entirety of the 22 1/2 hour trading day, maintain strong risk measures to limit loss and delegate trading efficiently among experienced futures traders and former Chicago Board of Trade floor traders with cumulative trading experience of over 94 years. Strategy involves the creation of spread positions through the simultaneous purchase and sale of futures contracts of US Treasury securities obligations. Proprietary analytical methods are utilized to identify trades. These trades compare values of Treasury instruments of differing maturities to determine whether one instrument is comparatively undervalued or overvalued to the others along the yield curve. Trading strategy is non-directional. It is not important for strategy to discern market direction, only to evaluate relative value in regards to historical yield curve behavior. Trade decisions involve a thorough evaluation of associated risks, the ability to execute efficiently, and extraneous interest rate factors. Dynamic monitoring of trading activity during the entirety of the 22 1/2 hour trading day. Positions are closed to cash within the same trading day. Risk control is heightened during major market announcements (i.e. Federal Reserve announcements, significant economic data releases, etc) or during significant global events.