Crypto Asset Management, LLC.

The Satoshi Strategy

Minimum Investment
$ 2,500
Management Fee 3.00%
Performance Fee 30.00%


The CAM-3 Retail Managed Account Program-Strategy One is passive equity, long only spot physical, digital asset blockchain strategy that trades (BSV) Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision), which is a hard fork of (BTC) Bitcoin. The program seeks to deliver alpha versus rising appreciation and adoption in bitcoin as a benchmark. The program is traded on a discretionary basis using various technical tools, fundamental analysis, and supporting metrics based on markets conditions, capital contributions, and price levels. We recommend a time horizon of 1-3 years. There is no guarantee that these objectives will be achieved or losses will not occur. However, with our extensive research in BSV utility to scale and process data/ transitions with speed and efficiency, we believe that it has the potential for attractive long-term equity returns in the digital space. The CAM-3 Retail Managed Account Program Strategy one first started trading in July 2021 and is available to US retail investors and Institutions.