DCM Systematic

DCM Diversified Alpha

Minimum Investment
$ 10,000,000
Management Fee 1.50%
Performance Fee 15.00%


DCM Systematic Advisors SA is an independent, quantitative investment manager based in Geneva, Switzerland. The business was founded by two senior quants from BlueCrest and they were joined by a head of business development from Pictet. The team launched the flagship strategy, Diversified Alpha, in February 2016. The firm is built upon the premise of applying scientific methods to identify a wide range of opportunities within liquid financial markets. Research is at the core of the business and the team is continually striving to improve by exploring new quantitative methods, learning from the markets and enhancing processes. The aim is that with this approach the company can successfully navigate different market environments and the variety of challenges they present. In 2022, two experienced portfolio managers joined to launch a new venture called Solken Convertible Arbitrage. This is a distinct product within DCM Systematic and combines quantitative techniques with discretionary analysis to explore opportunities in the convertible bond markets. DCM Diversified Alpha is available in different investment vehicles including: Luxembourg SICAV-SIF with weekly liquidity Separately managed accounts Galaxy Plus with US onshore & offshore structures with weekly liquidity Please note that some of the vehicles may not be authorised or may be restricted in certain jurisdictions and it is the responsibility of every potential investor to satisfy itself as to the full observance of the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction.