Delta Capital Llc

Delta Hybrid - Client

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


The Delta Hybrid program attempts to capitalize on inefficient market movements through similar assets. The automated program trades Forex and futures contracts simultaneously to capitalize on targeted inefficiencies. The objective is to profit as the market corrects and reattains efficiency.

The program may be long or short either futures or Forex positions but each position will always have a counter-position in a correlating asset. Due to the efficient nature of the markets Delta Hybrid will often not have a market position as the algorithms wait to identify proper inefficiencies. Entry sizes and margin used will vary depending on the measure of divergence of efficiency in the market at the time of entry. Dynamic entry sizes allow for larger positions to be placed when the traded assets are calculated to be more inefficient and thus the larger divergences come with greater profit potential. As futures and Forex accounts are handled differently with the FCMs, participants in the Delta Hybrid may be required to open both a futures and a Forex account. The funds within these accounts will be managed by Delta Capital and transferred as needed from futures accounts to Forex accounts, and vice versa, if neccessary to maintain sufficient margin requirements for the program to operate. Management and performance fees will be charged on the collective net sum of both accounts on a monthly basis.