Dynamite Funds

Dynamite CTA Fund

Minimum Investment
Management Fee 1.50%
Performance Fee 15.00%


-The Dynamite CTA Fund operates as a CTA Fund of Funds, investing in CTA investment programmes, Managed Accounts, and Hedge Funds operating CTA based trading strategies. The principal investment objective for the Fund is to achieve consistently high risk-adjusted returns, with a low or negative degree of correlation with equity, bond, and Hedge Fund indices. The Investment Manager seeks to achieve this investment objective by selecting investments in Underlying Funds that operate a wide range of trading strategies focusing on different markets and geographic regions. The Investment Manager will invest in funds which it considers able to produce high risk-adjusted returns and which exhibit a low or negative degree of correlation with one another. INVESTMENT TARGETS The Fund will aim to meet the following targets: (i). Deliver consistent long-term capital growth with the aim of outperforming CTA benchmarks, and producing higher risk adjusted returns than those of a typical CTA. (ii). Create a portfolio of investments that has a low or negative correlation with equity, bond, and real estate indices, such that the Fund is capable of producing positive returns under different market conditions. (iii). Provide investors with an investment portfolio that offers a higher level of diversification than would be achieved through investing with a typical CTA, and which exhibits less risk than a comparable CTA investment.