DynexCorp Ltd

Dynamic Currency Alpha

Minimum Investment
EUR 1,000,000
Management Fee 1.00%
Performance Fee 15.00%


Adding a currency component to new or existing portfolios Solution
Currency alpha via dynamically managed currency manager baskets (superior risk/return than choosing just a single currency manager) Investment Manager
DynexCorp, a leading currency alpha manager since 1988, has been invited by Deutsche Bank as index architect and index manager for FXSelect. Deutsche Bank (London) is Index Sponsor and Index Calculation Agent. Dynex uses proprietary algorithms and 30 years of hands-on knowledge of the currency universe to allocate dynamically between 5 and 15 currency manager talents (out of over 70). Allocations may be changed with daily liquidity without bid/ask spread. Dynex monitors the index intraday. Due Diligence by Mercer Consulting. Investment Vehicle
The returns of Dynex DCA are delivered through a Total Return Swap (“TRS”) with Deutsche Bank AG London. Risk Control
A Stop-Loss Amount is built into the TRS and guaranteed by Deutsche Bank AG London. Reporting
Deutsche Bank reports daily the Fixing of Dynex DCA. Dynex can call for interim reports anytime.