Katonah EvE LLC

Katonah EvE Laplace

Minimum Investment
$ 5,000,000
Management Fee 1.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Vivin Oberoi (CIO- Laplace Program) served as Portfolio Manager and Head of Global Macro (Trading & Research) at Telluride Asset Management LLC. from 2003-2014 and has a seven-year track record. Over the years, he has been on numerous discussion panels and presented on topical issues at industry conferences. Vivin started his career in the research and trading departments at Bridgewater Associates from 1993-2003. His work at Bridgewater involved modeling financial market futures using economic statistics, including backtesting of the models. Vivin holds a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Ohio Wesleyan University and an MA in Economics from Duke University.