Finalyze Capital LLC

Institutional Program (Prop)

Minimum Investment
$ 2,500,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Finalyze Capital is a fully systematic and automated quantitative CTA based in Chicago. We aspire to consistently beat the market without exposure to the market, and with no correlation to other CTA’s, so that our returns are purely Alpha. Our edge lies in our advanced statistical analysis and superior research methodology.

We start with the assumption of perfectly efficient markets, and only conclude the existence of an inefficiency when the data strongly rejects this efficiency assumption. We’ve built an Alpha factory, an assembly-line style process for systematically testing trading strategy ideas. Inefficiencies do exist, and we have created the tools to find them. Through our partnership with Maroon Capital, the University of Chicago’s top quant finance club, we have access to more than a dozen interns each year. They find trading strategy ideas and code them up, then we run them through our scalable backtesting infrastructure.