Future Trade AG

Thales Swing Trading Programme

Minimum Investment
$ 250,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


Future Trade AG utilizes a systematic and discretionary trading system of globally diversified Futures Interest Contracts operating over multiple time frames with volatility and market risk control. Signals from the trading systems, market liquidity along side with discretionary trading are combined to determine the contract allocation. Position sizes are a function of equity, money management and market volatility. Positions can either be long, short or neutral on a given Futures Interest Contract. In addition, Future Trade AG may utilize spreading positions (intra-market spreads and inter-market spreads). All positions, except for spreading positions, have stop losses placed at the time a trade is opened. The systems have been designed to achieve substantial portfolio diversification and initially consists of two main strategies: long term and short term. Inside of these two strategies, Future Trade AG will use different trading sub-strategies designed to result in the required portfolio diversification. The short term programs will be engineered to attempt to extract profits from short to medium term price movements and often operate counter to identified long term major trends while the long term strategies attempt to profit from major trends. It is expected that Future Trade AG will introduce additional strategies and sub-strategies in the future with the overarching goal of preserving capital while targeting strong investment returns.