Genoa Capital

Investment Program

Minimum Investment
$ 1,000,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


-Genoa trades currencies using two distinct investment systems. The Primary System focuses on position and swing trading. The average trade length is about ten days but can extend to a month or more. Genoa is quite content to sit out the market when conditions are not optimum, only entering trades we believe have an 80+% probability of success. Preferring positive carry positions, Genoa is happy to let the trade develop while "being paid in the trade." Genoa has developed proprietary analytical tools specifically for currency analysis and trading which have proven to be remarkably effective. The first step in the analytical process is to determine which position to open, there must be a fundamental reason. Then the quantitative process begins. First Genoa calculates the Inherent Value (IV) and then the IV Trend. Not wanting to fight the trend Genoa likes to trade in the same direction as the IVT. Our next step is to determine the IV Gravity and the Price Elasticity (LST). Once the IVG has maximized and the LST is in retraction, only then will Genoa open the position. With the compounding forces of the market trend, the IVT and IVG the related price move is powerful. It takes an extreme market anomaly to reverse direction more than temporarily. The Secondary System is a combination of fundamental positions and shorter term momentum trades. Together there is a good diversification of strategies and time frames with a blend of long, mid and short term trades as well as three distinct strategies, thereby reducing the reliance on any one.