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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss in trading commodity futures, options, and foreign exchange (“forex”) is substantial.

CTA Introduction

GNE Management trading program is designed for sophisticated investors. An investment in an account to be traded by the Advisor should only be considered by investors that can assume the significant risk of commodity futures trading, including losses in excess of their initial investment. In managing the accounts of its clients, Advisor employs the trading concepts and strategies developed by its principal. Since the trading methods to be utilized by GNE Management, LLC are proprietary and confidential, the discussion that follows is of a general nature and not intended to be exhaustive. No attempt has been or could be made to provide a precise description of the trading strategies to be used by the Advisor. While Advisor believes that the description of the trading methods and strategies included in this Disclosure Document may be of interest to investors, investors must ultimately be aware of the inherent limitations of any such description. <br><br> Currently the Advisor offers one Trading Program, “S&P Futures & Options Strategies”. The program was designed to reach consistent returns with predictable risk metrics. Additional programs, with lower or higher risk ratio, may be opened if the demand for such programs is adequate. <br><br> Advisor generally relies on technical analysis, in making trading decisions, implementing trading strategies and attempting to identify price trends in a commodity futures market. “Technical analysis” is not based on the anticipated supply and demand of the cash or physical commodity; instead technical analysis is based on the theory that a study of the markets themselves provides a means of anticipating prices. Technical analysis often includes a study of the actual daily, weekly and monthly price fluctuations, as well as volume variations and changes in open interest, utilizing charts and/or computers for analysis of these items and other technical market data. Technical analysis has been employed with success by traders and investors in the past; however, the use of Technical analysis does not provide assurance of success in any particular interval of time. Advisor’s trades are rules based and systematic. Advisor then applies a discretionary risk management overlay which dictates the ultimate risk to return balance. This discretionary risk management overlay looks at factors external to the market. See more at
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