Great Lakes Futures LLC

Investment Program

Minimum Investment
$ 125,000
Management Fee 2.00%
Performance Fee 20.00%


-&FOR LONGER TERM PROPRIETARY TRADING RESULTS VISIT &WWW.GREATLAKESFUTURES.COM &We are a CTA specializing in trading global commodity futures markets through innovative, risk-controlled trading programs. We will manage accounts for institutional and high net worth investor clients interested in diversification through technical-based trading programs in global commodity futures markets.Great Lakes Futures offers the Everest Program. The Everest Program is a proprietary trading program that provides you with the following features:-An exclusive trading system that tracks, analyzes and identifies trading candidates from approximately 70 global commodity futures markets-A cohesive set of five individual systems that work together as one to monitor a large universe of commodity futures for opportunities, yet, is highly selective in those trades that it will take-Dynamic and rigorous risk management that is designed to endure the non-trending periods in order to profit when markets are trending& nbsp;&